Cookbook Lab Chronicles, Episode 2: What I’m Doing Differently this Time

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You'll find me just outside of Portland, Oregon, hopefully in my kitchen with a big glass of Willamette Valley red wine and sous viding salmon my husband caught that week, unwinding after a day of recipe development, food photography, and marketing freelance work. Say hi on Instagram: @the.cookbook.lab

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Welcome to the Cookbook Lab Chronicles! As I write and self-publish cookbook #2, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the process with a weekly vlog.

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Things I’m doing differently:

  • Not initially self-publishing with Amazon KDP, trying a new platform. If it goes well and I feel like I can recommend it, I’ll be teaching it in the Cookbook Lab!
  • Cookbook 2 will be about sous vide, but even niche-ier! Getting specific is important so you’re not competing with the Chrissy Teigens of the world. The specificity also ties back to what I want to be “known for” – bringing sous vide to home cooks.
  • I’m going to use influencer marketing this time when I launch the book.

What I’m doing the same:

  • Same/approach process (will be sharing more on this soon!). I’m nailing down the format and broad content of the book now.
  • (We go into a quick dive of the recipe testing process, too!)

Answering some of your questions:

  • How many times do you test a recipe?
  • How do you decide what goes on blog vs book?

Exciting news that will change my cookbook writing process next week!

Got questions you want answered next time or questions about what I covered today? Drop ’em in the comments!

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